Name: Kids Night Out (January)
Date(s): 1/28
Time: 6:00p - 8:30p
Ages Allowed: 3 - 12
Seats Remaining: SOLD OUT

"Glow In The Dark!" Night

That's right! We will be completing challenges in the dark (semi-dark) museum. Don't worry, there will be light for your little fireflies who don't quite like the dark. 

We will enjoy fun games with glow sticks, play team hide and seek, and other fun activities throughout the museum. 

Dinner is corndogs, fruit, cookies. Children need to bring a water bottle.


If children have any food allergies or do not like the meal provided, they are welcome to bring their own dinner along with them. 

This event is for children ages 3-12. 

Please note: all children 3 years old must be potty trained and be able to use the bathroom independently. Thank you! 

1. If your child has a fever over 100 degrees, please do not bring them.
2. If your child is coughing, please do not bring them.
3. Cover when sneezing, contain germs, and clean hands. KACM is doing very in-depth cleaning.
4. Parents will drop off and pick-up kids in the entryway. It is recommended that the same adult drop off and pick up child. (Slow the spread, send one instead)
5. Children's temperatures will be checked when they arrive. They will need to leave if over 100 degrees.
6. Water fountains will not be used so children must bring their own water bottle with their name on it. 
7. Masks are OPTIONAL for all children attending the event. 
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